Ranger Lift 

Independently Verified
to Meet ADA Guidelines
CE Certified for
Sale in Europe
ADA Compliant
Wyle Labs
ADA Compliant

Features Include: 
• 300 lbs (136 kg) lifting capacity 
• Set back range 4 to 14 in. 
• All stainless steel construction 
• Durable white powder coat finish 
• Concrete anchor system (anchor sold separately)
• Rechargeable battery operation including charger 
• Submergible 2 button remote 
• 2 year warranty 
• Ships common carrier

The Ranger™ Lift is an economical ADA compliant lift that upholds Aqua Creek’s standards for durability and reliability. The Ranger™ Lift features a 300 lb (136 kg) lifting capacity, while maintaining a sleek low profile design similar to our popular Pro Pool™ Lift. The Ranger™ is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel pools, also a great economical choice for backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence. Now independently verified by Wyle Labs to meet ADA standards. 

Item Number 
F-411RPL - The Ranger™ Lift 

F-433PP4A - Preset Anchor 
F-422PLH – Headrest 
F-442PPC - Cover 
F-428HT - Transport Cart 
F-046QAB - Quick Attach Anchor Kit 

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